There is not very much easily found concerning the life of George Cary Eggleston, author of ‘The Canoe Fight’. He was born on November 26, 1839 and fought on the side of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. His brother, Edward Eggleston, was also an author.

Eggleston was born in Indiana and moved to New York as a journalist in 1870. He eventually left that field to focus on literature. He mainly wrote war stories, and a series of articles about his time as a soldier was eventually published as A Rebel’s Recollections. According to his obituary, his most important work was the two volume History of the Confederate War.

Eggleston died on April 14, 1911. He was buried next to his wife, Marion Craggs Eggleston.

The following is a list of his published novels (found via Wikipedia):

  • A Man of Honor (1873)
  • Juggernaut (1891)
  • Camp Venture, a story of the Virginia mountains (1901)
  • A Carolina Cavalier, a Romance of the American Revolution (1902)
  • Dorothy South (1902)
  • The Master of Warlock; a Virginia War Story (1903)
  • Evelyn Byrd (1904)
  • Blind Alleys (1906)
  • Irene of the mountains; a romance of old Virginia (1909)

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