The following are possible discussion questions regarding ‘The Canoe Fight’. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

1.) Has the meaning of ‘The Canoe Fight’¬†changed with time, or has it remained constant? Why or why not?

2.) Is the reader meant to identify with Samuel Dale? Why does Eggleston portray him as a hero and yet go out of his way to point out his many similarities with the antagonists of the story?

3.) Why do you think Eggleston ends the story with Dale as Weatherford/Red Eagle’s best man? Do you believe the author considers this a good thing, based on his earlier quotation by¬†General John F. H. Claiborne?

4.) Do you think Eggleston believes it is possible for Native Americans and white Americans to live together side by side? If so, do you believe he considers it natural? Why or why not?

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