Hovering Example

October 19, 2011

“That in black ink my love may still shine bright.”

-William Shakespeare, Sonnet 65

Going by this analysis, a New Critic would be very pleased. It breaks down the poem line by line and bases its analysis on what is actually in the poem as opposed to the life and times of William Shakespeare. There is a heavy focus on connotation, which may cause some protest, but otherwise the poem would make no sense. After all, one would need to assume that the poet didn’t actually mean that the summer possesses honey breath. The only truly major issue I could find when attempting to think like a New Critic was the author’s assumption that Shakespeare misused a term (‘SB thinks it is a misapplied term, the precise meaning being ‘”to try an action” – i.e. to have jurisdiction, to be judge’). A New Critic would reject this analysis, instead saying that the poem was written exactly the way it was meant to, and that regardless of what the poet meant the meaning is what is already there.

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  1.   Kevin L. Ferguson said:

    You got it!

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