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October 12, 2011

Richter’s map still applies even with digital technologies, but it’s much more heavily slanted toward rhetoric and the ‘audience’ side. Most of what is on the internet is meant to be seen and understood by an audience– for example, this blog. Perhaps we could expand on the different subcategories– are we focusing on getting an audience to agree with us or are we simply trying to entertain? Writing for an audience is a very broad description, and seeing as the internet connects so many people together we must work on defining it further. One end of the spectrum could be pure entertainment, the other end pure education, and there could also be branches for the sort of audience to be reached– for example, young? Old? Many? Few?

An example:

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  1.   Kevin L. Ferguson said:

    Great point about “audience”–publishers for one certainly encourage ever smaller target audiences for literature, which might lead to different interpretive concerns.

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